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Defy The Odds.

THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!! This is Only for those people who had a lot of questions ????? placed against their chances of Success! This is for those people who weren't and are not expected to Succeed because you got all the cards stacked against you. Many questioned if you will succeed because you're not of a certain mold, your family's background is not ideal, you don't fit the ideal description of the successful, your skin color, you don't have all the necessary resources, you didn't graduate with honors, the neighborhood you grew up in and all the odds are against you, etc... Well, if you can relate, this one is for you! 👍 Right now, many of you are faced with a lot of these questions ???? placed against you...but You have decided not to let statistics and people's opinion dictate your future. You understand that YOUR success is NOT up to all those things, YOUR Success is totally up to YOU! So, when you wear this gear, and the next time the question comes up: What are your chances of success?? Let LiVit BOLD answer for you...💯%  Get yours Here Now!

New Product!

Never allow people's opinion of you to become your Oxygen. If they pull the plug, then it's over!😱😱  Check out this New Addition to our large collection of Lifestyle Clothing. 

students motivation journal

Just Released!

"Today I Win Because..." will help students build confidence, a positive self-image and, a winning mindset over the next 30 days with a New motivational theme each day from Star Amanda. Students also get to journal their own thoughts during the process. Parents, get this for your child/children today. This book serves perfect for children, preteens and early teenagers. Now available on Amazon. Click here now to order your copy!